The Mental Health Nurse Role

The role of the mental health nurse is unique as a supportive and expert clinician who will work alongside the client and their family to help support and stabilise them during one of the most difficult times of their life. 

The mental health nurse cares for clients with acute mental health difficulties - building relationships and responding to their physical and emotional needs, while delivering effective care.

Aspects of the mental health nurse role, in various settings, include:

  • Administering clients' medications and treatments - and monitoring results.

  • Dealing with the specific symptoms of mental illness, de-escalating stressful situations and helping clients overcome challenges.

  • Interacting with clients' families and other care staff - offering advice and information on patients' conditions.

  • Preparing and maintaining client records, producing care plans and risk assessments.

  • Facilitating therapeutic activities, either at home or out in the community

  • Delivering evidence-based psychological interventions

  • Referring clients on to the most appropriate sources of practical help and support as and when required

  • Acting as an advocate and speaking for the client as and when they feels that their voice is not being heard. This may include telephone calls on behalf of the client, compiling and sending supporting letters or even accompanying the client to stressful health/social care meetings.