My Philosophy

Having worked for so long within NHS mental health services, I have become very aware of some of the shortfalls within mental health provision, particularly within the area of psychological therapies.

Some of the shortfalls seem to be:

  • Therapies available can be very limited in their scope - only certain things will be catered for and anything outside of a list of formal diagnoses will not be addressed.

  • There are excessively long waiting lists to access talking therapies within both primary and secondary mental health services.

  • There are numerous 'gateways' for people to get through in order to access services, and this can feel like jumping through needless and frustrating hoops, and access to specialist nursing-led mental health support often requires a GP referral into a Mental Health team

  • There is little provision for ongoing interventions to 'offer support, allow time to talk about things and to generally just be there'; time is limited and as soon as you've had your allotted number of sessions the service ends. 

  • Talking therapy services generally offer only limited 'practical support' and don't generally help with forms, writing letters, accompanying to meetings, acting as an advocate etc

  • There is little or no consideration of the possibilities of complementary therapies in relation to wellbeing

  • Talking therapy services generally expect you to go to them rather than coming to see you within the comfort and privacy of your own home, and are not able to offer the flexibility of appointment times that a lot of people would prefer

  • In light of the shortcomings noted above, I feel that the ideal system to support someone during times of personal struggle is one that considers all aspects of a person's need - from the psychological and physical to the social and spiritual - and that can work towards providing a range of interventions 'all under one roof'.

    Here at Simply Therapy, I believe in treating the whole person. I look at all aspects of a person's life;

    • Mental Health Symptoms
    • Physical Health Symptoms
    • Psychological Factors - the way you think about your situation
    • Social Issues - friends, family, other people around you
    • Financial Issues - any money concerns that you may have
    • Medication Issues - side-effects, compliance, worries
    • Spiritual Needs - expression and nurturing of your spiritual dimension
    • Your Strengths - aspects of yourself that you can draw on to help move forward
    • Your Goals & Aspirations - what's important to you, where you want to be heading

    If you feel that I may be able to help you, why not get in touch and we can have a telephone discussion about how we might move forward.

    Costs available on request.